Initial Technology Recorder User Manual

Page 11

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Check Process
The check process is described in detail below:

• Submission


Participants click on “Submit a reward redemption” on the My Account page
of the website


If the participant chooses to redeem for a check, they click on click here to
redeem Rewarding Recording®

Dollars for Sony Professional recorders,

parts, service or training


The check claim process is similar to the claiming process whereby users
are required to enter an invoice number, invoice date, vendor, model, unit
quantity and price. Once the check is submitted, users are required to print
off the claim confirmation form page, sign it and mail or fax to program
headquarters with the invoice back up for approval.

• Rental Promotion Code Functionality


NEW FOR 2003: When submitting a check request, users will be prompted
to select an option of either rental or purchase on their claim. Pre-determined
models will be available when selecting rental or purchase.

• Internal Approval


Once the participant submits the check request, MEC compares the claim
against the back up via an online approval process. MEC indicates whether
or not the claim is accepted or rejected and types any necessary notes
regarding the claim. MEC can accept/reject certain line items within a check

• VIP Approval


After MEC places a status on the check claim, Sony VIP is required to review
and either approve MECs decision or override the decision or change the
amount of the check. Sony VIP needs to make MEC aware of any changes
that have been made to the dollars requested.

• Issuance


Once the check submission has gone through the proper approval channels,
MEC prints and issues the check, along with a request for funds to Sony
(Sony would like to have a balance of $25,000 in the Rewarding Recording®
account at all times for special emergencies, etc.). Checks are printed and
issued on a weekly (during program end) or bi-weekly basis and mailed via

Sony has requested that all checks be made out to the COMPANY

NAME of the requester, but addressed to the specific requester at
the company address.

• DSF member issuance


DSF members have their checks mailed to their associated DSM, not to the
actual location or member

X. Damaged


Condition: Damaged Sony Electronics (due to shipping). Consumer product is redeemed by
an end user through either their Rewarding Recording or Storage Rewards account. The product
is fulfilled Sony’s Inventory Management through the Customer Service Support System.
Occasionally, the product is received by the end user damaged.

• MEC receives a call from the end user that the product received is damaged.
• Marketing Services completes an ATR form and enters the ATR in STN to generate an

ATR number. Both the form and STN packing slip is faxed to the end user and instructs
the end user to affix the forms to the product directly. The box is then to be sealed for
pick up. The end user must fill out a Federal Express mailing label with the appropriate