Initial Technology Recorder User Manual

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warehouse shipping information and attach to the front of the box. (Warehouse shipping
information provided by Marketing Services).

• Marketing Services contacts Federal Express (800-GOFEDEX or 800-463-3339) for the

Rewarding Recording Program and UPS (800-PICKUPS or 800-742-5877) for the
Storage Rewards Program. A call tag (3


Party Pickup) is initiated to have the product

picked up from the end user.
Note: Rewarding Recording FedEx account number is 1823-63251

Storage Rewards UPS account number is 086480

For all TVs and Memory Sticks ship to:

Sony Technology Center

1001 Technology Drive

Warehouse #914

Mt. Pleasant, PA 15666

Attn: MeeMee - SONYPRO

For Consumer Products ship to:

CPC (Consumer Product Center)

10227 Crossroads Loop

Laredo, TX 78045

Attn: Returns Department

Note: To confirm correct warehouse shipping information go to

and pick refurbished product chart.

• Marketing Services sends an email confirmation to the end user informing them of the

date and time of the scheduled Federal Express pickup.

• An email is sent to the contact person at the appropriate warehouse informing them that

a delivery is expected. The email identifies the federal express tracking number, the
model and contact in Marketing Services for questions or problems.

The contact for TVs and Memory Sticks, with credit / receipts issues:
Somporn Castro


The contact for Consumer Products, with credit / receipts issues:
Diana Perez


• Once the product is picked up from the end user, Marketing Services contacts the

Inventory Management Contact Person, Joe Chandler, to re-enter the order for a
replacement product.

• Once the product is received by the warehouse a credit is issued to the appropriate

program account for credit of the product received back.

• Marketing Services contacts the end user with the new shipping information and contacts

MEC to update the end users account to reflect the new shipping information.

For any product lost in transit:

• Marketing Services contacts the shipping carrier and initiates a Freight Claim.

Paperwork is faxed to Marketing Services by the shipping carrier with the sender and
recipient information, original tracking number and any additional information.

• The paperwork is filled out and faxed back to the shipping carrier.

For any product shipped in error: