Initial Technology Recorder User Manual

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The Sony Rewarding Recording® website URL is The
website is a standalone site and provides links back to Sony approved sites.
The website contains user pages as outlined below:

HOME PAGE- The Home Page has the following channels: What’s New, Program Details,

Rewards Catalog, Don’t Miss This, Member Login, Enroll Now, privacy policy and legal
trademark. Users can view any links on the Home page, including the Rewards Catalog,
which is a view-only version of the online catalog. Users click on My Account to log into the

WHAT’S NEW –This page contains new information about Sony Professional Media

products, and/or new update to the program. This page also houses the following channels:


Member Login


Enroll Now


New Products


Training Center


Hot Topics

MY ACCOUNT – The My Account Page houses the following channels:

• Member Login page – existing users log in here
• Forgot Password link – users access this link, provide their e-mail address and

receive the Forgot Password e-mail.

• Enroll Now – new participants enroll themselves here

The following channels are available after the user logs in:

• Profile - The ability to update personal or password information is available here
• Claim Form/Enter My Invoices - the online claim form is located here (see Claiming

Process for details)

• View My Account Summary – shows the individual participant account information

including total Rewarding Recording® Dollars available

• Submit A Reward Redemption – this is where participants access the online catalog or

submit for reimbursement

• Member Support – this link provides a program FAQ section

PROGRAM DETAILS – This page shows the program details and terms and conditions.

REWARDS CATALOG – When accessed from the Home page, the online rewards catalog is

read-only and indicates the name “SonyRR Guest” with $0.00 available Rewarding
Recording® Dollars.

DON’T MISS THIS – This page highlights any Sony Rewarding Recording® program


INTERNAL ADMIN- (MEC ONLY) - The Internal Admin Page is where MEC views and

approves/rejects online check requests

DSM/RM - The Admin link for the DSM/RM users takes them to the Enrollment Report

section of the website so they can view their assigned DSF accounts

VIP – The Admin link for the VIPs shows the following links: Enrollment Report, Claim Search

Report, Approve Pending Enrollments and Approve Check Requests.