Initial Technology Recorder User Manual

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The toll-free program fax line will be available to participants to fax required invoice
back-up and other program related materials.

D. Participants

Approximately 20,000 Participants

E. Program


In order to qualify for earnings in the program, participants must:
• Have access to

• Have a valid e-mail address
• Purchase a minimum of $1,000 in eligible Sony Professional Media Products
• Become a participant via Sony approval

F. Award


Payout Structure
For each $1 US purchased, a participant earns $0.025 Rewarding Recording®
Dollars (i.e. - $10,000 purchased of eligible Sony Professional Media equals $250.00
Sony Rewarding Recording® Dollars).

G. Award


Once a participant has purchased the minimum of $1,000 in eligible Sony
Professional Media Products, they are eligible to select items from the Rewarding
Recording® Catalog.
Items include:

• Sony Professional Products (fulfilled by Sony)
• Sony Consumer Products (fulfilled by Sony)
• Sony Apparel (provided by Sony, fulfilled by MEC)
• Gift Card Rewards (provided by Sony, fulfilled by MEC)
• Sony Parts, Service or Training (check request fulfilled by MEC)

NOTE: There are no cash buy-ins allowed in the Sony Rewarding Recording®

H. Eligible


Participants claim eligible Sony Professional Media products, determined and
updated by Sony.

I. Award


Rewarding Recording® Dollars are valid until August 31 each calendar year for
qualifying purchases made July 1 – June 30 of each calendar year.

III. Communications

• Monthly, Sony will provide information for an electronic newsletter to be sent to all

participants with valid e-mail addresses.