Initial Technology Recorder User Manual

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• New Member E-Mail
• New Member - Dealer Enrollment E-Mail
• Forgot Password E-Mail
• Reminder E-Mail

NOTE: The need of additional e-mail conditions to be added is under advisement.

IV. Enrollment Process

The enrollment process is outlined below for each type of program participant:

Online Participants
• Participants may join the Rewarding Recording® Program via online enrollment only
• Participants access the Rewarding Recording® website and click on the “My Account”


• Participants can either click on the “Enroll Now” button or the “click here” link to access

the enrollment (profile) page

• Participants complete the required information (name, title, company, address, phone, e-

mail address, password and promotion code, if applicable)

• Participants create their own password that must be a minimum of four characters in


• Participants can indicate whether or not they wish to receive additional information from

Sony Electronics Inc.

• Once the participant clicks on “submit”, the Activate Account e-mail is sent to the address

indicated. The participant is required to click on a link in the e-mail to access the website.
The user can claim purchases at this time and has view-only rights to the online catalog.

• A Sony VIP approves the online enrollments once the account is activated.
• Once a Sony VIP approves the account, the user will have their personal account

associated to the online catalog. At this time, the user receives a Welcome E-mail*
containing username and password information.

• At this time, the participant has full access to the website.

Sony Authorized Dealer Participants
Members are automatically enrolled/updated through the participating Sony Professional
Media Authorized Dealer as part of the electronic sales information transmitted to Meridian
via FTP by that dealer.
• Monthly sales feeds can only include the previous month’s sales.
• As part of the Monthly File Processing, net new accounts are created automatically when

the Dealer file(s) is processed.

• A net new account must have a valid e-mail address to be created. 100% email

compliance is mandatory. The dealer must notify Sony of all email changes.

• When a new account is created, the user receives a Welcome Dealer E-mail* containing

username and password information at the e-mail address indicated on the file.

• Net new accounts are automatically approved and are not required to have Sony VIP

approval to participate.

NOTE: Currently, there are six Sony Authorized Dealers: The Tape Company (TTC), Electric
Picture Company (EPC), Innovative Business Products (IBP), Edgewise Media, VSA (Video
Service of America), and Recording Media & Equipment (RM&E).

Sony Direct Sales File (DSF) Participants
Direct Accounts consist of members who purchase their eligible products directly from Sony.