Initial Technology Recorder User Manual

Page 9

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a. Files should be named as follows:
[MONTH][DEALER NAME].xml/txt, where [MONTH] is the long version of the month
name (January, February, etc)

E. Process:

a. Sony approved dealers transmit files to MEC via FTP or e-mail. The files are

processed within 48-72 hours of receipt.

b. If there is a net new account on the file, the account is automatically enrolled

into the database and sent the Welcome Dealer e-mail.

c. Rewarding Recording® Dollars are posted to existing accounts for eligible

purchases in the Rewarding Recording® program

d. Promo codes (if applicable) can be appended to the end of each promo-

eligible line item

F. Contact


The dealer may contact the following Meridian Account Manager for support:




Amy Moore

Account Manager

[email protected]


Direct Sale File (DSF) – APPENDIX II and III

• The DSF multi-step process is described in detail below:


Sony transmits the DSF file to MEC via FTP (see login information and
payout in Appendix III).

DSF account numbers are always ten (10) digits in length


The DSF is compared against the existing Roll-up Guide (see layout in
Appendix IV) and when completed generates the Kickout File.

The Kickout File identifies net new customers in the DSF that do not

occur in the Roll-up Guide


MEC sends Sony the Kickout file and Sony approves/declines net new

Accounts that are approved are added to the Roll-up Guide and

indicated as “NO” in the omit/hide column on the Roll-up Guide.
Sony also provides an e-mail address and appropriate contact
information for each net new DSF account.

Accounts that are not approved to participate by Sony are indicated

as “YES” in the omit/hide column on the Roll-up Guide

Sony also indicates whether or not a net new account is a Stand

Alone, Master or Ship-to account (see example below)

• A Stand Alone account is an account with a single physical

location and receives all Rewarding Recording® Dollars
associated with that account number. In this case, the
account number in the “Master” field and “Ship-to/Location”
field is equal and only occurs once in each column of the
Roll-up Guide.

• A Master account is an account with multiple physical

locations that receives all Rewarding Recording® Dollars for
itself and all physical locations. A Master account number
may occur many times throughout the Roll-Up Guide.

• A Ship-to account is an account that “rolls up” to a Master

account. A Ship-to account does not receive any Rewarding
Recording® Dollars, however, any purchases associated
with a Ship-to account is allocated to the Master account
number in the Roll-up Guide.