Initial Technology Recorder User Manual

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• Marketing Services contacts Federal Express (800-GOFEDEX or 800-463-3339) and

initiates a call tag (3


Party Pickup) to have the product picked up from the end user.

Product is shipped to:

Sony Electronics

2201 E. Carson Street

Carson, CA 90810

Attn: Stella Pappas

For any consumer product service questions, the end user must contact Consumer Service
directly at 800-282-2848. At that time, the call will be logged by a consumer service
representative and an event ID number will be generated for reference.

Condition: Sony Gift Card Reward Return/Damaged
For returns, MEC will seek Sony approval if a participant wishes to return an unwanted Gift Card
Reward. If the item is returned, MEC will place the gift card back into inventory. For
stolen/damaged cards, generally upon request of the participant or Sony, MEC will provide the
card serial numbers in question. Sony will research the serial numbers with the appropriate gift
card provider. Sony will provide MEC with a decision to resubmit the gift card or not.

Condition: Sony Apparel Return/Damaged
For returns, MEC will seek Sony approval if a participant wishes to return unwanted Sony
Apparel. If the item is returned, MEC will place the item back into inventory.

XI. Reporting

• All Participants


All participants are able to view their account summary and available Rewarding
Recording® Dollars within the My Account page on the website.

• Sony DSM/RM Enrollment Report – Admin Link


All Sony DSM and RM utilize an enrollment report, filtered to show their assigned
DSF participants only. This report shows contact name, company name and
address. When the DSM or RM clicks on the company name of the account they
wish to view, they will see the Account Summary for that particular account

• MEC Internal Admin – Admin Link


MEC internal team utilizes the admin link to complete the first round of approvals
for check requests, located under the “Approve Check requests” link

• VIP – Admin Link


Sony VIPs have top-level access to the DSM/RM Enrollment Report and can
view all information for each RM, DSM and individual DSF account


Sony VIPs also have access to the Claim Search Report whereby they can
indicate certain parameters (i.e. model) and generate a report that shows
information within those parameters.


Sony VIPs are required to approve/reject any new Online enrollments with the
Pending Enrollment report


Sony VIPs are required to give final approval for checks submitted by
participants on the Check Requests report


Username and password - RRVIP

XII. Sony Rewarding Recording® Website