Iluv i277 User Manual

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Stereo Audio System for Your iPod


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Using the Alarm Function -Continued

To snooze, press the SNOOZE / DIMMER button on the i277 (or on Remote Control), following the sounding of the alarm. The alarm will then shut off
and will sound again in approximately 9 minutes. You will have the opportunity to repeat this cycle many times during a 1 hour allotted alarm cycle.


To turn the alarm off, press the POWER button on the i277 (or the POWER button on the Remote Control). If all settings remain the same, the alarm
will turn on the following day at the same time. When the alarm is not turned off after it sounds, it will then play for approximately 60 minutes and turns
off automatically. This cycle will repeat every 24 hours unless the controls are changed.


To prevent the alarm from coming on daily, press the ALARM 1 or ALARM 2 buttons and set to off. Both the Alarm Icon and Wake-to icon will
disappear to signal that the alarm is deactivated.

Notes on Alarm Function:

Set your iPod to the repeat mode if you’ve selected Wake To iPod, and your iPod has less than one hour of songs.

If you have selected the Wake To iPod or Radio setting, must power off to standby mode, If keep power on, alarm will automatically switch to the
buzzer sound at alarm time .

In order to wake up to your iPod, it must be appropriately placed in the built-in universal dock. If without in docking, alarm will switch to Buzzer sound.

In the event of a power outage or if AC power is disconnected, when the i277 is powered by the Backup Battery, the alarm will NOT sound and time
and date will not be displayed. Time and date settings, however, will be temporarily saved.

Adjusting the Brightness of LCD Screen
To adjust the brightness of the LCD screen, press the SNOOZE / DIMMER button on the unit or on the remote during normal or standby mode. Each press
will change the brightness level of the LCD screen.