Iluv i277 User Manual

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Stereo Audio System for Your iPod


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Occasionally, files on iPod can become corrupted. This may cause an erratic behavior with your iLuv products. Apple Computer recommends that you
visit their website to obtain instructions on resetting or restoring your iPod to factory settings.


It is imperative that you use the correct dock adapter for your iPod and that the dock adapter fits appropriately into the built-in universal dock. Ignoring
these rules can cause severe damage to your iPod. Please refer to the section “Installing the Dock Adapter” to properly install the dock adapter
before operating the i277 with your iPod.

Installing the AC Adapter
Locate the AC adapter jack on the back of the unit. Insert the AC adapter cable into the jack, and plug into the wall outlet.

Installing the Backup Battery for Clock and Alarm Settings
In order to offer consistent clock settings and alarm functions, the i277 uses a backup battery system. This means that in the event of a power failure, all the
settings of the i277 will remain saved. For example, after the installation of the Backup Battery, the AC cord is disconnected or a power failure occurs, the
display will NOT remain lit, but the time and date settings will be temporarily maintained. The alarm, however, will not sound when the i277 is powered only
by the Backup Battery. To install Backup Battery, follow the instructions below:

Make sure the connection between the AC adapter and the unit is secure. This is important because during battery replacement it is possible for all
settings to be lost if clock and alarm have already been set.