Iluv i277 User Manual

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Stereo Audio System for Your iPod


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Listening to Other Audio Devices using line-in port
You can still listen to the first, second and third generations of iPod, or any other audio players other then iPod, with the i277 by simply using the LINE-IN
port, located on the rear of the i277.

Insert the plug of the 3.5mm to 3.5mm audio patch cord (Not Included) into the HEADPHONE or LINE-OUT jack on your audio device, and then insert
the other end of the patch cord into the LINE-IN jack, located on the rear of the i277.

2. For

AUX mode, press the AUX button on the i277, or the AUX on the Remote Control, until the AUX icon appears on the i277s display.


It is now safe to turn ON your device and enjoy the music.

4. Use


VOLUME wheel on the i277, or the

(Volume +) and

(Volume –) buttons on the Remote Control to adjust the decibel level. You may

also need to adjust the audio device volume.

Charging Your iPod
Your iPod will always be in charge mode when left in the built-in Universal Dock until the unit is fully charged. Your iPod will also be in charge mode when
not in use if your iPod is left in the Built-in Universal Dock. Your iPod will not charge when the unit is NOT docked in the Built-in Universal Dock.
Note: Older generation (including 3G) iPod not supported; only newer 30pin connectors are supported by the Universal Dock. See compatibility list for i277.