Iluv i277 User Manual

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Stereo Audio System for Your iPod


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Using AV out port to watch Video on your iPod from an External Monitor or TV – Continued

The line output is not affected by the volume setting on the i277. Please use the volume control of the external device to increase or decrease the
volume level. But also beware that the audio signal of the i277 from its AV output jack will be muted when the volume level is set to “0”.

*IMPORTANT: When Using TV Out, please make sure your iPod Video setting is set to “TV Out-ON”
Please follow the illustration below on your video iPod to change the setting:


On the menu screen of your iPod, select

the “Videos” option.


On the next menu screen, select the “Video

Settings” option.


On the next menu screen, select the “TV

Out” option and set it on.

Note: When watching video using AV out port and TV Out is set to ON on your iPod, your iPod and external device will not simuteniously display the
TV Out Set to OFF: Video displays only on your iPod
TV Out Set to ON: Video displays only on the external device.