Iluv i277 User Manual

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Stereo Audio System for Your iPod


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Setting the Sleep Time

To enter sleep mode, press the SLEEP button while the i277 is off or while listening to your iPod or the radio. The unit will automatically turn off after
the selected time. The sleep mode also has a feature called the “Gentle Sleep”, which gradually decreases the volume.


To adjust the sleep time, press the SLEEP button again and choose from 120/ 90/ 60/ 30 and 15 minutes. Pressing the SLEEP button while the sleep
function is set to your desired time, i277 will turn off when set time is reached.


To view the sleep time, wait until the display returns to the current time and press the SLEEP button once. It will display the sleep time remaining. Press
again to change the sleep time to the next lowest increment.


To stop listening at any time, press the POWER button or the POWER button on the Remote Control.

Note: The i277 has independent volume settings for the sleep mode which will not affect the alarm volume. The sleep volume will remain at the same level
until the setting is changed.

Listening to Your Favorite Radio Station
For the best FM radio clarity, fully extend the pig-tail wire antenna, located on the rear of the i277. It is important not to alter, obstruct or attach other
antennas to this wire antenna. To achieve the best AM reception, a distance of 12” between the AM antenna, the unit and iPod is recommended. Rotate the
AM loop antenna to have the better reception.

To turn the radio on, press the AM/FM button on the i277 (or on the Remote Control). Once on, the radio frequency will appear in the lower right corner
of the display.


To select AM or FM, press the AM/FM button again on the i277 or on the Remote Control.


To tune in to a desired station, rotate the SELECT wheel on the i277 (or use the  or  buttons on the Remote Control).


To scan the next clear station, press and hold the  or  buttons on the Remote Control for 4 seconds. Press again to enter the seek mode.


To adjust the volume, rotate the VOLUME wheel on the i277 or the

(VOLUME+) and

(VOLUME-) buttons on the remote control. (Note that

volume control on the remote has speaker icon indicating volume+ and volume-)

6. To


OFF, press the POWER button (or the POWER button on the Remote Control).