Iluv i277 User Manual

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Stereo Audio System for Your iPod


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Listening to Your Favorite Songs on Your iPod

To listen to music, make sure that your iPod is in play mode, when inserted into the built-in universal dock correctly, then i277 will automatically turn ON
and music will begin to play. NOTE: If i277 fails to automatically play or you do not hear any sound coming out from the unit, make sure iPod is
securely docked in the Built-In Universal dock and press the PLAY/PAUSE button on the i277 or on the Remote Control twice for music play to begin.


To play music when your iPod is already in the dock and in the standby mode, press the PLAY/PAUSE button on the i277 or the PLAY/PAUSE button
on the Remote Control. When your iPod is in the play mode, an iPod icon will appear on the LCD screen of the i277.


To pause music, press the PLAY/PAUSE button during the play mode. To resume playback, press it again.


To adjust the volume, either rotate the VOLUME wheel on the i277, or use the

(VOLUME+) and

(VOLUME-) buttons.


To go to the Previous or Next track, use the  or  button on the remote control. To search the current track using high speed rewind or forward,
press and hold the  or  buttons while track is playing.


To power the unit off, press the POWER button on the i277 or on the remote. Your iPod will continue to charge when left on the universal dock.

Using AV out port to watch Videos on your iPod from an External Monitor or TV
The i277 has an AV port to send video signal of your video iPod (5G, 5.5G) to the external display devices, such as TV or a monitor.
To use this function, please follow the instructions below:


Connect the provided AV cable into the AV-out port (3.5mm) on the rear of the i277. Then connect the RCA plug
side of the AV cable to the AV input jacks of the external display device. (Please refer to illustration on the left)


Turn on the i277 and the external display device. Change the mode of the external display device to the AV mode if
necessary.(Note: Please refer to the owner’s manual of external devices for AV Mode)


Place your iPod in the built-in universal dock, and change the i277’s mode to iPod by pressing the iPod/Bluetooth
button on the i277.


Play the video on your iPod. (Please note that the “TV Out” setting of your iPod must be set to “On” in order to see
the iPod video contents on your TV via the i277. Please refer to the illustration below)