Iluv i277 User Manual

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Stereo Audio System for Your iPod


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Example (TX Mode): If you have a Stereo Headset with Bluetooth technology (Mono will not work, only stereo headphone with A2DP Bluetooth
profile will work) , you can set the BluePin


to Transmit(TX) the music that is currently playing on i277 to the headphone.

NOTE: Certain Headsets with Bluetooth technology are not compatible with the BluePin


, please check with your dealer for compatibility. The

best product for this operation is iLUV Stereo Headset with Bluetooth technology, which is fully compatible with BluePin


. Devices with Bluetooth

technology you are trying to pair MUST support A2DP Profile.


To pair with cell phones, PDA, or other devices with the BluePin


(RX Mode):

First connect the BluePin


to i277’s BluePin



Push and hold the pairing button until button displays blue and red light flashing.

From your cell phone or other devices, go to Bluetooth setup in the devices menu. Depending on the devices menu will differ.

Do a search for devices, when initiated your device will look for any devices with Bluetooth technology in the area.

When the search is done you will see a device named RX-I110. Select the device and your device will prompt for password.

The default password for our BluePin


unit is “0000”, enter password and your device will let you know if pairing was successful.

Once connected, you will be able to play the songs from MP3 cell phones or other devices with Bluetooth technology and hear it from
our i277 unit.

You can use the PLAY/PAUSE, PREV, NEXT buttons of i277 to remote control the MP3 cell phones or other devices that support
AVRCP profile.

Note: Depends on the device these functions might be disabled due to software issues.