Iluv i277 User Manual

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Stereo Audio System for Your iPod


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About Electromagnetic Interference (EMI)

This device is designed and manufactured not to exceed the exposure limit for radio frequency energy, which is set by the Federal Communications
Commission of the U.S government.

The term “EMI” is short for the electromagnetic interference caused by the electromagnetic field generated by electronic devices. In fact, most electrical
appliances and devices emit electric and magnetic fields, and most of modern electronic devices are susceptible to the EMI if they are inadequately shielded
or designed.
• If you use any personal medical device, such as a pacemaker, please consult the manufacture of your medical device to determine if it is adequately

shielded from EMI. Your physician might assist you in obtaining this information.

• Please turn off this device if you are instructed to do so, especially on an airplane or in a hospital.
• Please keep away from medical instruments in a hospital or medical unit while using this device.

Your hearing is very important to you and to us. We strongly recommend you to follow the guideline below in order to prevent possible damage to or loss of
hearing. Hearing experts caution that listening to loud sounds can damage hearing over time. With continuous listening to loud sounds, hearing adapts and
will give the impression that volume has reduced. What seems normal may, in fact, be harmful. To guard against this before hearing adapts, set the volume
at a low level and slowly increase the volume level until sound can be heard comfortably and clearly without distortion. Damage to hearing is cumulative and
irreversible. Ringing or discomfort in the ears indicates that the volume is too loud. Once a comfortable listening level has been established, do not increase
the volume level further.

• If you experience a ringing sound in your ear, lower the volume or discontinue the use of this product.
• Do not use the headphones while driving or cycling. Because this product reduces the external noises, you might not be able to hear the warning sounds,

such as an automobile horn, and might result in a traffic accident. Additionally, listening to headphones while driving is illegal in many places