IQ SMARTSENSOR 105 User Manual

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SmartSensor 105 User Guide – Wavetronix LLC


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Figure 5 – Short Distance Cable Run

Long Cable Run (41-100 feet)
A long cable installation includes any installation with a SmartSensor cable longer than
40 feet. Follow the steps below to correctly add surge protection to a long cable run (see
Figure 6):

1. Connect the SmartSensor cable from the SmartSensor to the PROTECTED side

of the Click! 200.

2. Mount a Click! 200 (or equivalent) device on the same pole as the protected

sensor, and mount another Click! 200 in the cabinet.

3. A single unspliced, shielded cable must be kept as short as possible and run

between two Click! 200 modules and connected to the UNPROTECTED side of
each device. The shielded cable must contain three shielded pairs and three
conductors equivalent to the Alpha Wire 6010C 3PR 22 AWG shielded cable


4. If a Click! 172 or 174 input file card is being used for contact closure outputs,

then the RS-485 cable and the 24 VDC power in the controller cabinet must be
attached to the PROTECTED side of the Click! 200.