IQ SMARTSENSOR 105 User Manual

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SmartSensor 105 User Guide – Wavetronix LLC


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2. Applying Silicon Dielectric Compound

1. Take the tube of Silicon Dielectric Compound and tear off the tab.

2. Squeeze about 25% of the silicon into the connector at the base of the

SmartSensor as shown in Figure 2. Be sure to wipe off any excess compound.

Figure 2 – Applying Silicon Dielectric Compound

3. Attaching the SmartSensor to the Mounting Bracket

1. Align the bolts on the back of the SmartSensor with the holes in

the mounting bracket. The large 25-pin connector on the
SmartSensor should be pointing towards the ground.

2. Place the lock washers onto the bolts after the bolts are in the

mounting bracket holes.

3. Thread on the nuts and tighten.

4. Aligning the SmartSensor

Figure 3 – Aiming the SmartSensor

1. Aim the front of the sensor at the center of the detection area as shown in Figure

3. You may also refer to Figure 1 as an illustration of where to aim the sensor.