IQ SMARTSENSOR 105 User Manual

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Remove Lane

The Remove Lane button allows users to remove entire lanes by moving the mouse
cursor arrow to the desired lane. When the arrow changes to a hand, click the left mouse
button and the selected lane will disappear.

Construct and Remove Road

To insert a new road, click on the Construct Roads button and select a location
anywhere in the background (khaki colored) area. Make sure the cursor appears as a
hand and then click the left mouse button to draw the road.

Because new roads are initially drawn with an upper shoulder line, a centerline and a
lower shoulder line, you will usually need to adjust your road to the desired width using
the Adjust Lanes function.

To remove an entire road, including all lanes, click on the Remove Roads button, select
the road you want to remove, and click the left mouse button.

Construct and Remove Barrier

Constructing a barrier or median is essentially the act of dividing a single road into two
separate roads. SmartSensor Manager defines a barrier or median as two adjacent
shoulder lines or two shoulder lines with only background (khaki colored) areas in
between them.

To construct a barrier or median, click on the Construct Barriers button and move the
cursor to the paved area where you want to insert the barrier. When the cursor changes
from an arrow to a hand, click on the left mouse button and the barrier will appear.

Initially, the new barrier is only two shoulder lines wide. To widen the barrier, use the
Adjust Lanes feature as explained earlier.

You may also remove a barrier, or convert two roads into a single road, by clicking on
the Remove Barrier button and selecting the barrier you wish to delete.

Reverse Direction

Once the configuration process has been completed, you will notice that SmartSensor
Manager shows all detected vehicles moving in the same direction. The Reverse
button enables you to change the direction of travel depicted in SmartSensor
Manager so that each lane reflects the actual direction traveled by detected vehicles.