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SmartSensor 105 User Guide – Wavetronix LLC


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The Wavetronix SmartSensor utilizes patented Digital Wave Radar™ technology to
detect lane occupancy, traffic volume and average speed in up to eight lanes of traffic
simultaneously. Classified as Frequency Modulated Continuous Wave (FMCW) radar,
SmartSensor collects data using a 10.525 GHz (X-band) operating radio frequency.

The installation and configuration process is quick and easy. Once installed,
SmartSensor configures automatically, requires little or no on-site maintenance and may
be remotely reconfigured. This installation guide provides the step-by-step process for
installing and configuring SmartSensor, including mounting and alignment guidelines
and instructions for both automatic and manual sensor configurations. Any questions
about the information in this guide should be directed to Wavetronix or your distributor.

Unpacking the Sensor

A typical sensor package contains the following items:

10.525 GHz SmartSensor Radar Traffic Sensor

SmartSensor Mounting Kit

Installation Guide

SmartSensor Manager Software

Check the packing slip for actual contents. If any of these items are missing,
note the serial number located on the back of the sensor and contact your

Additional products may be purchased through your distributor. The following optional
items are not included unless specifically ordered (check packing list for actual

SmartSensor Cable with Connector

Click! 172/174 contact closure adapter

Click! 200 surge protector

Click! 201 1 Amp AC-to-DC converter

Click! 202 2 Amp AC-to-DC converter

Click! 300 RS-232-to-RS-485 adapter

Click! 301 Ethernet to serial adapter

Click! 400 900 MHz Spread Spectrum Radio

Click! 401 Serial-to-802.11b Converter Module