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Wire the SmartSensor cable to the Click! 200 according to Table 2:

Table 2 – Click! 200 Connections

NOTE: See Appendix F for a description of how to wire the Click! 200 using the old

SmartSensor cable as well as for a cable connector pin-out diagram.

7. Configuring SmartSensor with SmartSensor Manager™

After the SmartSensor is installed, it must be configured to the roadway for proper
operation. The SmartSensor Manager software is used to perform this configuration.

Automatic Configuration

1. Connect SmartSensor to a Personal Computer. SmartSensor can be connected to a

personal computer for on-site configuration; it can also be remotely configured via
wired or wireless modems and Ethernet. These connection options are described in
detail in the SmartSensor Manager manual.

For on-site configuration, connect a 9-pin (DB9) null-modem serial cable from the

RS-232 connector on the Click! 200 to the standard RS-232 serial port on your PC.
Wiring diagrams which illustrate connections to a personal computer or to a modem
can be found in Appendix C of this document.

2. Launch SmartSensor Manager by clicking on the shortcut that was placed on your

Windows desktop.

3. When prompted, connect to the SmartSensor you are configuring by the appropriate

method: Serial Connection (if connected via RS-232 or RS-485); Modem (requires