IQ SMARTSENSOR 105 User Manual

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SmartSensor 105 User Guide – Wavetronix LLC


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Risk of Electrical Shock

An authorized electrical technician should perform installation and
operation of this unit. Persons other than authorized and approved electrical
technicians should NOT attempt to connect this unit to a power supply
and/or traffic control cabinet, as there is a serious risk of electrical shock
through unsafe handling of the power source. Extreme caution should be
used when connecting this unit to an active power supply.

Technical Service

Do not attempt to service or repair this unit. This unit does not contain any
components and/or parts serviceable in the field. Any attempt to open this
unit, except as expressly written and directed by Wavetronix, will void the
customer warranty. Wavetronix is not liable for any bodily harm or damage
caused if service is attempted or if the back cover of the SmartSensor unit is
opened. Refer all service questions to Wavetronix or an authorized

Installation Safety Precaution

Caution should be used when installing any sensor on or around active
roadways. Serious injury can result when installation is performed using
methods that are not in accordance with authorized local safety policy and
procedures. Always maintain an appropriate awareness of the traffic
conditions and safety procedures as they relate to specific locations and