Undoing manual changes, Restarting lane configurations, Exiting the lane configuration page – IQ SMARTSENSOR 105 User Manual

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Undoing Manual Changes

Unsaved changes may be undone without repeating the manual configuration process.
Click on the Undo button found below the manual tool buttons (see Figure 12). This tool
retrieves the last saved configuration from the SmartSensor, effectively undoing any
unsaved changes that were made.

Restarting Lane Configurations

To completely erase the SmartSensor’s current configuration and restart the Lane
Configuration routine, change from Manual back to Automatic mode by clicking on the
Automatic button and then clicking on the Restart button located near the Update and
Undo buttons below the Manual toolbar (see Figure 12).

This erases all manual changes that have been made, and the SmartSensor Manager will
automatically reconfigure the road for you.

Figure 13 – Confirmation of Restart

After clicking on the Restart button, a window will be displayed asking whether you
want to proceed (see Figure 13). Click on Yes to continue or on No to quit this

Exiting the Lane Configuration Page

Once all automatic and manual configurations have been completed, you may perform a
final save and exit the Lane Configuration page by clicking on the Finished button
located at the bottom right of the screen.