IQ SMARTSENSOR 105 User Manual

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SmartSensor 105 User Guide – Wavetronix LLC


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mounted next to the sensor. In this case, the homerun connection establishes one RS-485
channel over the normal white/blue wire pair and another RS-485 channel over the
yellow/violet wire pair. An additional Click! 304 is needed to convert the data sent over
the yellow/violet wire pair back to RS-232 before connecting to surge protection.

If you elect to use an alternate cable for power, you may also want to select an alternate
cable for RS-485 communications. Some options include the Belden 3105A (Paired –
EIA Industrial RS-485 PLTC/CM) or Alpha Wire 6010C 3PR 22 AWG.

There are many reliable options available for wired power and communications
connections (see Table 10).


Length (ft)


Channel 1

Channel 2

0 – 200

SmartSensor cable

Native RS-485

Native RS-232

200 – 1000 SmartSensor cable

Native RS-485

Click! conversion of
RS-232 to RS-485

1000 – 1400 SmartSensor cable

Native RS-485


1000 – 2000

Alternate power and communications

Native RS-485

Click! conversion of
RS-232 to RS-485

Table 10 – Cable Length Options