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1-1 Features

The HDW-S280 is a digital portable videocassette recorder
for the HDCAM format.
The unit has the features described below.

Rich variety of input and output signals
The HD4:2:2 component video signal is input as an HD-
SDI signal based on the SMPTE292M standards and is
recorded in HDCAM format. The following input and
output signals are supported:
• HD-SDI (high-definition serial digital interface) video

and four-channel audio input and output

• SDI video and four-channel audio output
• SD composite output
• Two-channel analog audio input and output
• Timecode input and output
• Reference-signal input and loop-through output

Compact size replaceable with a DNW-A28
The HDW-S280 HDCAM format portable video recorder
has the same size, weight, and power consumption as the
DNW-A28 Betacam SX format portable video recorder,
which enables you to replace a DNW-A28 with this unit.
The unit accepts an S cassette.

Playback compatibility with Betacam, Betacam
SP, Betacam SX
Besides recording and playback in HDCAM format, it can
play tapes recorded in Betacam, Betacam SP, or Betacam
SX formats, allowing you to make effective use of
Betacam, Betacam SP, and Betacam SX cassettes recorded
in the past.

Control Panel
The unit is equipped with an LCD monitor on the front
panel, which enables you to view materials on the unit
without using an external video monitor. The jog and
shuttle functions using the search dial allow searching for
a desired picture easily for effective cueing up and editing.

AC and DC power
The unit can be operated with a variety of power sources,
such as DC power using a battery pack or an AC adaptor
and an AC power source. Applicable battery packs are the

BP-GL65/GL95 and BP-L60(A)/L90(A) (lithium-ion
batteries) and BP-M50/M100 (nickel hydrate batteries).
The unit can operate for about 80 minutes with a BP-GL95
battery pack mounted. To mount a battery pack, attach an
optional BKP-L551 Battery Adaptor.

Built-in up-converter and down-converter
The HDW-S280 has a built-in up-converter to convert SD
format to the HD format and down-converter to convert
HD format to the SD format. When an SD-format tape is
played, the signal is converted to HD format and output.
When an HD-format tape is played, the signal is converted
to SD format and output.
If the system frequency is set to 24PsF or 23.98PsF, the
down-converted signal is not output.

Assemble editing
By connecting two HDW-S280 units, you can perform
assemble editing. For improved effect efficiency, various
functions such as setting and modifying edit points,
preview, and review, are available.

Both interlace and progressive recording/
When using the HDCAM format, 59.94i, 50i , 29.97PsF,
25PsF, 24PsF, and 23.98PsF mode recording and playback
can be selected from a menu. When 59.94i or 29.97PsF is
selected, a Betacam SX cassette recorded in NTSC or
analog Betacam cassette can be played. When 50i or 25PsF
is selected, a Betacam SX cassette recorded in PAL or
analog Betacam cassette can be played. Characteristics of
a Betacam SP cassette recorded in PAL in 50i or 25PsF
mode are the same as those when a Betacam cassette is