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Overview of UMID Functions / Recording UMIDs




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8-1 Overview of UMID

UMID (Unique Material Identifier) is a type of meta-data
in video and audio materials. It has been internationally
standardized in SMPTE Standard 330M. This unit
supports recording and generation of UMIDs.
UMID is made up of a section called the Basic section and
a section called the Source Pack section. The Basic section
contains information such as the device that recorded the
material and whether the material is the original or a copy.
The Source Pack section contains information about when/
where/who recorded the material.
UMID with a Basic section only is called a Basic UMID.
UMID with both Basic and Source Pack sections is called
Extended UMID. The figure below gives a general
overview of the information contained in a UMID.

8-2 Recording UMIDs

UMIDs can be recorded when recording video signals with
this unit. You can select whether to inherit (copy) the
UMID contained in input signals automatically or forcibly
generate a new UMID.

Selecting the type of UMID to record

Select whether to record Basic UMID or Extended UMID,
using setup menu item 655.

For details on setup menu item 655, see page 73

Selecting whether to inherit or generate

When recording UMID, you can select whether to inherit
(copy) UMID contained in input signals, or generate new
UMID. Make this selection by using setup menu item 656.

For details on setup menu item 656, see page 73

Selecting the Instance Number generation
method when inheriting UMID

If you choose to inherit UMID contained in input signals,
almost all of the information in the UMID is copied
without change, but the Instance Number changes to a
value that indicates that “this UMID is a copy.” The new
value can be generated from a 16-bit pseudo-random
number with the addition of the number of copies (1 byte),
or it can be generated from a 24-bit pseudorandom
number. Select the method used to generate the Instance
Number by using setup menu item 654.

For details on setup menu item 654, see page 72.

Selecting the SDI VANC line to insert UMID

You can select the VANC (Vertical ancillary) line into
which the generated UMID should be inserted. Make this
selection by using setup menu item 653.



Instance Number
(Copy or original)

Material Number
(Which device recorded the

Source Pack

(When was it recorded)

Spatial Co-ordinates
(Where was it recorded)

Stored Ownership
(Who recorded it)

UMID Functions