Sony CDX-GT40U User Manual


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Enjoy the crisp and clear sound of your MP3/WMA/AAC


files with CD or playback

your digital music files using the USB input on your Sony® CDX-GT40U. You can also

experience great sound quality from the built-in equalizer and powerful 52x4 watt

high power amplifier with the Advanced Sound Engine processor.


CDX-GT40U CD Receiver with USB input


• Detach face with LCD display and front aux input
• Front USB Mass Storage Class device input


music file playback

• Intuitive Quick-BrowZer® and ZAPPIN™ search features
• Advanced Sound Engine and 52 watts x 4 High Power
• Automatic Level Optimizer
• 2 Volt rear/sub selectable preamp outputs
• Radio Data System (RDS)
• Convenient wireless remote
• Red key illumination


Detach face with front aux input

The easy-to-read single line LCD display shows clock, station ID and track data when playing your digital music

files from CD or front USB input. Front aux input lets you connect almost any portable audio device to your car's

sound system.

Front USB input

Connect, charge, and control your Walkman® player or other compatible USB devices via the USB input on the

front of the unit. You can also view metadata like song title and artist on the front display.

MP3/WMA/AAC playback


Multi-format playback lets you play your MP3, WMA, or AAC songs


. Hear digital music files in their original

vibrancy with DM+ (Digital Music Plus), a Sony® codec enhancer that reproduces detailed frequencies from

compressed audio files.

Intuitive Search Features

Use Quick-BrowZer® feature to find music by artist, album, genre, song or playlist. Jump Mode allows you to fast

forward in a category in 10% increments while the ZAPPIN™ feature can play 6/9/30 second intro clips to help you

find a specific song.

Advanced Sound Engine

The Advanced Sound Engine uses EQ7 equalizer, adjustable LPF/HPF crossovers, Listener Position calibration,

DM+ advanced sound restoration, Rear Bass Enhancer, and Dynamic Loudness volume leveler to deliver an

impressive listening experience.

Automatic Level Optimizer

Automatic Level Optimizer analyzes each tracks playback levels and adjusts output level to optimize transitions

between tracks and sources.

RCA outputs for external amplifiers

When you’re ready to expand your system, the CDX-GT40U offers selectable rear or subwoofer pre-amp RCA

outputs for connecting external amplifiers. Set the built in electronic HPF/LPF crossovers to improve sound

quality and reduce system distortion.

Radio Data System