Progressive mode – Sharp XG-C60X User Manual

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Basic Operation


Progressive Mode

This function allows you to select the progres-
sive display of a video signal. The progres-
sive display projects a smoother video image.

Select “Progressive Mode” in the “Pic-
ture” menu on the menu screen.
For operating the menu screen, see

42 to 45



2D Progressive

This function is useful to display fast-
moving images such as sports and ac-
tion films. This mode optimizes the im-
age in a displayed frame.

3D Progressive

This function is useful to display relatively
slow-moving images such as drama and
documentary more clearly.
This mode optimizes the image by esti-
mating the movement of a number of pre-
ceding and succeeding frames.

Film Mode

Reproduces the image of film source
clearly. Displays the optimized image of
film transformed with three-two pull down
(NTSC and PAL60Hz) or two-two pull
down (PAL50Hz and SECAM) enhance-
ment to progressive mode images.
* The film source is a digital video record-

ing with the original encoded as is at 24
frames/second. The projector can con-
vert this film source to progressive video
at 60 frames/second with NTSC and
PAL60Hz or at 50 frames/second with
PAL50Hz and SECAM to play back a
high-definition image.

When using progressive inputs, these
inputs are directly displayed therefore 2D
Progressive, 3D Progressive and Film
Mode cannot be selected. These modes
can be selected in interlace signals other
than 1080



In NTSC or PAL60Hz, even if the 3D Pro-
gressive mode has been set, the three-
two pull down enhancement will be en-
abled automatically, when the film source
has been entered.

In PAL50Hz or SECAM, the two-two pull
down enhancement will be enabled only
in the Film Mode, when the film source
has been entered.


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