5 programming date, time and tax, 6 programming other necessary items – Sharp Electronic Cash Register XE-A40S User Manual

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Set a paper roll in the paper roll cradle of the journal side.


Insert the end of the paper into the paper chute of the printer until it is caught by the printer auto-feed and
comes out of the top of the printer. If the printer does not catch the paper, feed the paper while pressing the




Insert the end of the paper into the slit in the take-up spool. (Press the


key to feed more paper if required.)


Wind the paper two or three turns around the spool shaft.


Set the spool on the bearing, and press the


key to take up excess

slack in the paper.


Replace the printer cover.

The cash register provides text languages of English, French and Spanish. It is preset to English.
If you want to change the language, you must change it before programming. Refer to



in “Various Function Selection Programming 2” section for changing the language.

Before you can proceed with registration of sales, you must program:

• date
• time
• tax

Please refer to the BASIC FUNCTION PROGRAMMING section for details (

page 27


Programming date, time and tax


While the cash register is pre-programmed to be used with minimal setup, it does provide you with

optional functions. Before you start programming, please read through the sales operations section to
understand optional functions. The main optional functions are listed below:

• PLU (price lookup)/subdepartment
• Consecutive number
• Machine number
• Power save mode (factory setting: goes into power save mode after 30 minutes)
• Text programming for clerk name, department items, PLU/subdepartment items, logo messages printed on

the top or bottom of receipts, function texts and foreign currency symbol

• Bottle return department
• Split pricing entry

This is not factory preset. You must enable this function.

• Foreign currency conversion rate

You must set a conversion rate to use



• Preset unit price for departments and PLUs
• Preset amount for


• Preset rates for

% &

You do not have to program these preset prices/amount/rates since they can be entered at

Programming other necessary items