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This key locks and unlocks the drawer. To lock it, turn 90
degrees counterclockwise. To unlock it, turn 90 degrees

Drawer Lock Key


Operator display

• Clerk code or Mode name

The mode you are in is displayed. When a clerk is assigned, the clerk code is displayed in the REG or
OP X/Z mode. For example, “




” is displayed when clerk 01 is assigned.

• Repeat

The number of repeats is displayed, starting at “2” and incremental with each repeat. When you have
registered ten times, the display will show “0”. (2

3 ......9




• Sentinel mark

When amount in the drawer reaches the amount you preprogrammed, the sentinel mark “X” is displayed
to advice you to remove the money to a safe place.

• Power save mark

When the cash register goes into the power save mode, the power save mark (decimal point) lights up.

• Function message display area

Item labels of departments and PLU/subdepartments and function texts you use, such as %1, (-) and
CASH are displayed. For the details of function texts, please refer to

pages 43

and 44


When an amount is to be entered or entered, “AMOUNT” is displayed: When an amount is to be
entered, ------- is displayed at the numeric entry area with “AMOUNT”. When a preset price has been
set, the price is displayed at the numeric entry area with “AMOUNT”.

• Numeric entry display area

Numbers entered using numeric keys are displayed here.

Date and time display

Date and time appear on the display in the OP X/Z, REG, or MGR mode. In the REG or MGR mode, press


key to display the date and time.

Error message

When an error occurs, the corresponding error message is displayed in the function message display area.
For details of error messages, please refer “Error message table” on

page 69


Customer display
(Pop-up type)

Power save mark (Lighting the mark only under the power save mode)




Function message display area

Clerk code or mode name

Numeric entry display area

Receipt OFF indicator

Repeat / Sentinel mark / Power save mark