2 error warning – Sharp Electronic Cash Register XE-A40S User Manual

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Clerk assignment
Prior to any item entries, clerks must enter their clerk codes into the register. However, the code entry may not
be necessary when the same clerk handles consecutive transactions.

Receipt ON/OFF function
You can disable receipt printing in the REG mode to save paper using the receipt ON/OFF function. To disable
receipt printing, press the


key in the OP X/Z position. This key toggles the receipt printing status ON and

To check the receipt printing status, turn the mode switch to the OP X/Z position or press the


key in the REG

mode. When the function is in the OFF mode, the receipt off indicator “_” illuminates.
The register will print reports regardless of the receipt state, so the paper roll must be installed.
To issue a receipt when receipt ON/OFF function is set to OFF:
If your customer wants a receipt after you finalized a transaction with the receipt ON/OFF function in the OFF
mode, press the


key. This will produce a receipt. If more than 30 items were entered, the receipt will be

issued in a summary receipt format.

Power Save Mode
The register will enter into power save mode when no entries are performed based on the pre-programmed time
limit (by default, 30 minutes).
When the register goes to the power save mode, all display lights will turn off except the decimal point at the
leftmost position of the lower line. The register will return to normal operation mode when any key is pressed or
a mode is changed with the mode key. Please note when the register is recovered by a key entry, its key entry
is invalid. After the recovery, start the key entry from the beginning.


Clerk code 1 to 40

To display the signed-on clerk code



■ Sign-on (in REG, MGR, VOID mode)

■ Sign-off (in REG, MGR, VOID mode)

In the following examples, your register will go into an error state accompanied with a warning beep and a
corresponding error message. Clear the error state by pressing the


key and take proper action.

Please refer to the error message table on

page 69


• Enter over a 32-digit number (entry limit overflow): Cancel the entry and re-enter the correct number.
• An error in key operation: Clear the error and continue operation.
• An entry beyond a programmed amount entry limit: Check to see if the entered amount is correct. If it is

correct, it can be rung up in the MGR mode. Contact your manager.

• An including-tax subtotal exceeds eight digits: Delete the subtotal by pressing the


key and press the








key to finalize the transaction.

Error escape function
To quit a transaction due to an error or an unforeseen event, use the error escape function as shown below:

The transaction is voided (treated as a subtotal void) and the receipt is issued by this function. If you have
already entered a tendered amount, the operation is finalized as a cash sale.



To clear the error state



Error Warning