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Thank you very much for your purchase of the SHARP Electronic Cash Register, Model XE-A40S.
Please read this manual carefully before operating your machine in order to gain full understanding of
functions and features.
Please keep this manual for future reference. It will help you if you encounter any operational problems.

Be sure to initialize the cash register before you start operating the cash register. Otherwise, distorted
memory contents and malfunction of the cash register will occur. For this procedure, please refer to

page 7



On the printer, a paper cutter is mounted. Be careful not to cut yourself on the paper cutter.
Install your register in a location that is not subject to direct radiation, unusual temperature changes,

high humidity or exposed to water sources.
Installation in such locations could cause damage to the cabinet and the electronic components.

Never operate the register with wet hands.

The water could seep into the interior of the register and cause component failure.

When cleaning your register, use a dry, soft cloth. Never use solvents, such as benzine and/or

The use of such chemicals will lead to discoloration or deterioration of the cabinet.

The register plugs into any standard wall outlet (120V AC ±10%).

Other electrical devices on the same electrical circuit could cause the register to malfunction.

• If the register malfunctions, call 1-800-BE-SHARP for service - do not try to repair the register


• For complete electrical disconnection, disconnect the main plug.


This Electronic Cash Register has a built-in memory protection circuit which is operated by rechargeable
As you know, all batteries will, in time, dissipate their charge even if not used. Therefore to insure an
adequate initial charge in the protection circuit, and to prevent any possible loss of memory upon installation, it
is recommended that each unit be allowed to recharge for a period of 24 to 48 hours prior to use.
In order to charge the batteries, the machine must be plugged in and the mode switch must be in a position
other than “OFF”. This recharging precaution can prevent unnecessary initial service calls.

C A U T I O N !

Customer Service Hotline


For Easy Set-up, see


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