Shutting down the projector, Troubleshooting your setup – Knoll Systems HD272 User Manual

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Shutting down the projector

Power Save

The projector has a Power Save feature in the System menu that automatically turns the lamp off after no
signals are detected for 20 minutes. After 10 additional minutes with no signal, the projector powers down. If
an active signal is received before the projector powers down, the image is displayed. You must press the
Power button to display an image after 30 minutes have passed.

Turning off the projector

To turn off the projector, press the Power button. The lamp turns off and the LED blinks green for about one
minute while the fans continue to run to cool the lamp. When the lamp has cooled, the LED lights green and
the fans stop. Unplug the power cable to completely power off the projector.

Troubleshooting your setup

If your image appears correctly on the screen, skip to the next section. If it does not,
troubleshoot the setup.

The LED on top of the projector’s keypad indicates the state of the projector and can
help you troubleshoot.