Knoll Systems HD272 User Manual

Page 18

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The menus are grouped by usage:

The Picture menu provides image adjustments.
The Settings menu provides set-up type adjustments that are not changed often.

The About menu provides a read-
only display of information about
the projector and source.
Certain menu items may be hidden
until a particular source is
connected. For example, Tint is
only available for NTSC video
sources and will be hidden when
other sources are active. Other

menu items may be grayed out when they are not available. For example, Brightness is grayed out until an
image is active.

Picture menu

To adjust the following five settings, highlight the setting,
press Select, use the up and down arrows to adjust the
values, then press select to confirm the changes.

Keystone: adjusts the image vertically and makes a
squarer image. You can also adjust keystone from the

Contrast: controls the degree of difference
between the lightest and darkest parts of the picture and changes the amount of black and white in the

Brightness: changes the intensity of the image. You can also adjust brightness from the keypad.

Color: (video sources only) adjusts a video image from black and white to fully saturated color.

Tint: (NTSC video sources only) adjusts the red-green color balance in the image.

Aspect Ratio: Aspect ratio is the ratio of the image width to
image height. TV screens are usually 1.33:1, also known as
4:3. HDTV and most DVDs are 1.78:1, or 16:9. You can
choose Native, 4:3, 16:9, Letterbox, or Natural Wide. The
default is 16:9. The goal is to show the most detail on the
screen while preserving the ratio of width to height. The native
resolution of the projector is 1280x720. Use Native, 4:3 or
Naural Wide for 4:3 input sources; use Native, 16:9 or
Letterbox for 16:9 input. Pressing the Resize button on the
remote cycles through these options.