Knoll Systems HD272 User Manual

Page 19

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Native: this mode bypasses the internal scaler, displaying the image with no resizing.
Since the native resolution is 1280x720 and 4x3 video images are approximately
640x480, 4x3 images will always be smaller than the display and will be centered in the
display. Computer images 1024x768 or smaller will also be centered in the display. If a
16x9 video source or a 1280x1024 or larger computer source is viewed, it will display up
to 1280 pixels and 720 lines from the center of the input.

16:9: the default is 16:9, which preserves the 16:9 aspect ratio and is designed to be
used with content that is Enhanced for Widescreen TVs.

4:3: resizes the image from its original version to fit a standard 4:3 aspect ratio screen. If
you have a 4:3 source on a 16:9 screen, the image is placed in a 16:9 space, so black
bars appear at the sides of the image.

Letterbox: preserves the 16:9 aspect ratio. If you have a 16:9 source and screen, the
image fills the screen. If your source is letterboxed, the image expanded to fill the