The knöll hd272™ introduction – Knoll Systems HD272 User Manual

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The Knöll HD272™ Introduction

Congratulations and thank you for your choice of a superior digital image projection device. Your
new Knöll HD272 is specifically designed for home cinema applications. The HD272 sets new
standards for high-definition digital perfection, featuring true High Definition 1280x720 resolution
using the latest DLP™ technology and new DCDi video processing from Faroudja™. Calibrated
to D65 color mastering standards, the HD272 reproduces colors and details the way the director
intended. Whether you are watching movies or High Definition broadcasts or playing the latest
video game, you will enjoy breathtaking image quality.

Usage Guidelines

1. Do not look directly into the projection lens when the lamp is turned on. The bright light may

harm your eyes.

2. Do not block the grills on the projector. Restricting the airflow can cause it to overheat and turn
off. If this happens, you must wait a minute before turning it back on.

3. Handle the projector as you would any product with glass components. Be especially careful

not to drop it.

4. Avoid leaving the projector in direct sunlight or extreme cold for extended periods of time. If

this happens, allow it to reach room temperature before use.

5. Transport the
projector in a
hard or soft case.

6. Do not subject
projector to
exposure to
smoke. Smoke
may cause
damage to the