Knoll Systems HD272 User Manual

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Please read and follow all safety instructions provided BEFORE using your new projector. Failure to
comply with safety instructions may result in fire, electrical shock, or personal injury and may damage or
impair protection provided by equipment. Please save all safety instructions.

Safety Definitions:

Statements identify conditions or practices that could result in personal injury.


Statements identify conditions or practices that could result in damage to your equipment.

Safety Symbols:


For information about usage of a feature, please refer to the User’s Guide.


Hot surface. Do not touch.

An arrow pointing to the lamp door on the projector.

Safety Terms


Warning: Don’t look directly into the lens when the lamp is turned on.

Warning: To replace the lamp, turn off the projector and unplug the power cord. To avoid burns, wait

30 minutes before opening the lamp door. Follow all instructions provided in this User’s Guide.

Warning: Please use the power cord provided. Connect the power cord to a receptacle with a

protective safety (earth) ground terminal.


Refer all service to qualified service personnel. Servicing your own projector will void the

warranty. See the following page for the technical support contact information.

Don’t block ventilation openings. Use of an unauthorized ceiling mount may lead to ventilation
blockage and/or personal injury.

Don’t subject projector to prolonged exposure to smoke.
Caution: Don’t set liquids on the projector. Spilled liquids may damage your projector.

Don’t place the projector on a hot surface or in direct sunlight.

Caution: Do not drop the projector. Transport the projector in a Knöll approved shipping carton.

Important Operating Considerations

Do not place any objects along the side or
the front of the projector for at least 2 feet
Do not place the projector on a tablecloth or
other soft covering that may block the
Do not use a non-Knöll ceiling mount. In
the unlikely event of the bulb rupturing,
thoroughly clean the area around the
projector and discard any edible items
placed in that area.