Knoll Systems HD272 User Manual

Page 21

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Advanced settings

TrueLife: This option refers to Faroudja’s
TrueLife processing of the image. All standard
definition interlaced video signals (composite,
S-video and component) are routed through
this processor. Extended and High Definition
progressive component sources are not
routed though this processor by default. You
can turn TrueLife on to route these signals
through the processor and then adjust the
following 2 options:

Chroma Detail: This adjusts the color

Luma Detail: This adjusts the sharpness.

Noise Reduction: adjusts signal noise
reduction. Choose Off to have no noise
reduction, choose Auto to have the software
determine the amount of noise reduction, or
choose Manual and adjust the Level.

Skintone Bypass prevents the noise reduction processing from being applied to skin tones. Images of
people often look better with less processing. Available when Auto or Manual are selected.

CCS: (Cross Color Suppression) processes the signal to remove any color information from the luma portion
of the signal. It is On for all composite signals, Off for all component signals, and can be turned on or off for
S-video signals.

NTSC 2:2 Pulldown: Turn this feature on to correctly display NTSC signals created from 30 frames/second
source material (instead of the film standard 24 frames/ second).

2:2/3:2 Off: Turn this feature on to turn off film mode detection. Some video material (especially film
animation) is difficult to distinguish from film.

Color Space: This option applies to computer and HDTV
sources (it won’t appear in the menu for video sources). It
allows you to select a color space that has been specifically
tuned for the video input. When Auto is selected, the
projector automatically determines the standard. To choose
a different setting, turn off Auto, then choose RGB for
computer sources, choose REC709 for component 1080i or
720p sources, or choose REC601 for component 480p or

576p sources.

Color Temperature: changes the intensity of the colors. Select
a listed value.