Knoll Systems HD272 User Manual

Page 23

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The Source Enable feature is used to eliminate
certain sources from this search, which will speed the
search. By default, the check boxes for all sources
are checked. Uncheck a source’s box to eliminate it
from the search.


All options in this menu toggle between on and off.

Rear: reverses the image so you can project from
behind a translucent screen.

Ceiling: turns the image upside down for ceiling-
mounted projection.

: It is recommended that all final image adjustments in Ceiling mode are made once the unit has fully
warmed up (approximately 20 minutes).

Auto Power: When Auto Power is checked, the projector automatically goes into the startup state after the
projector receives power. This allows control of ceiling mounted projectors with a wall power switch.

Display Messages: displays status messages (such as “Searching”) in the lower-left corner of the screen.

High Power: Turn this on to increase the light output of the lamp. This also shortens lamp life and increases
fan noise.

Translucent OSD: makes the menus translucent. This prevents the image from being completely covered
by the menus while you are making image adjustments.

Chime: turn this on to hear a sound when the Power button is pressed.

Power Save: when On, the lamp is automatically turned off after no signals are detected for 20 minutes.
After 10 additional minutes with no signal, the projector powers down. If an active signal is received before
the projector powers down, the image will be displayed.

Startup Logo: allows you to display a blank Black, White, or Blue screen
instead of the default screen at startup and when no source is detected.