Using the remote control – Knoll Systems HD272 User Manual

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Using the remote control

The remote uses two (2) provided AAA batteries. They are easily installed by sliding the cover off the
remote’s back, aligning the + and - ends of the batteries, sliding them into place, and then replacing the

To operate, point the remote at the projection screen or at the projector (not at the video device or
computer). The range of optimum operation is 1 to 30 feet (9.14m).

Press the remote’s Menu button to open the projector’s menu system. Use the arrow buttons to navigate,
and the Select button to select features and adjust values in the menus. The remote also has:

Power button to turn the projector on and off
Backlight button to light the remote’s buttons in the dark
Brightness and Contrast buttons to adjust the image
Blank button to display a blank screen instead of the current image (to change the color of the screen
Source buttons to switch among sources and a source toggle
Resize button to change the Aspect Ratio
Auto Image button to resynch the projector to the source
Preset button to restore stored settings
Overscan button to remove noise in a video image

Troubleshooting the remote

Make sure the batteries are installed in the proper orientation and are not dead.

Try installing fresh alkaline batteries.

Make sure you’re pointing the remote at the projector or the screen, not at the video

device or the computer, and are within the remote range of 30 feet (9.14m).