LG USB Drive User Manual

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1. Start MacOS.

2. Remove the cover from your USB Drive and plug it into an USB port of your


If it is the first time to use USB Drive, MAC will automatically recognize it.

3. USB Drive is recognized as an [untitled] folder in MAC.

Removing USB Drive

1. Close all files currently opened from USB Drive.

2. Drag and drop the [untitled] folder to the Recycle Bin.

3. Unplug USB Drive from the USB port.

Installing/Using USB Drive in MacOS ( MacOS 9.0 or higher )

Caution: Never remove or unplug USB Drive while the Red Status

LED is flashing. Doing this may cause corruption of the data
being transferred.

4. You can read or write data using USB
Drive, just the same as with any other
hard disk drive.

5. If your O.S version is the MacOS 8.6,
please download a driver from


and install the

driver to your computer.