LG USB Drive User Manual

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3. Select to remove hardware.

4. When your computer indicates it is acceptable to remove hardware, then

unplug the USB Drive from the USB port.

For Microsoft Windows 98/98SE, you need to install new drivers for the

USB Drive to operate. If you do not have the driver installation CD-ROM,

you can download it from



Installing USB Driver

1. Start Windows 98 or Windows 98SE.

2. Insert the provided CD into CD-ROM Drive.

3. Click [SecureCell Utility] in the CD.

(Not insert

USB Drive

to USB port of your PC, Include Windows 98/98SE Device


4.The Install Shield Wizard of Windows98 Device Driver or SecureCell Utility appears ,

as shown in the following figure.


Never remove or unplug USB Drive while the Red Status LED is

flashing. Doing this may cause corruption of the data being transferred.

Installing/Using USB Drive in Microsoft Windows 98/98SE