LG USB Drive User Manual

Page 21

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Q. Can I set a password for the files to be saved in USB Drive?


Every word processing program supports a password function for the file to prevent

any unauthorized access to the documents. Once you set a password, other people
cannot open the file.

Q. I formatted USB Drive for the NTFS file system. Can it be used in other

operating system?


Microsoft Windows 98, 98SE and ME does not recognize the NTFS file system. If you

want your

USB Drive

compatible for all operating systems, format it for FAT because all

listed operating systems support it.

Q. How long can I use USB Drive?


The lifetime of

USB Drive

is related with the expected lifespan of flash memory. Like

all semiconductor technology, flash memory has no moving parts and is expected to last
for many years.

Q. Does USB Drive need the driver to be installed?


You need to install the driver only for Microsoft Windows 98/98SE, because it does

not support mass storage device completely. You need not to install any driver for other

Windows systems, Mac, and Linux.

Q. Can I use USB Drive in version 1.1?


Q. How many USB Drive can be connected at the same time?


Theoretically, you can connect up to 127

USB Drive

to a computer at the same time.

If your computer is lack of available USB ports, you can expand the number of available
ports by using a USB hub.