Installing/using usb drive in windows me/2000/xp – LG USB Drive User Manual

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1. Start Windows ME, Windows 2000 or Windows XP.

2. Remove the cover from your USB Drive and plug it into a USB port

on your computer.

If it is the first time to use USB Drive, Windows will automatically recognize it

and install all required drivers.

3. The red Status LED will flash during the recognition and installation

procedures. When USB Drive is ready to use, the Status LED will turn off.

4. Click My Computer on Windows Desktop. USB Drive is displayed as a

removable disk, as is shown in the following figure.

(The drive name may be different depending on the system you are using).

5. You can now read or write data using the installed USB Drive, the same as

with any other hard drive.

Removing USB Drive in Microsoft Windows ME/2000/XP

1. Close all files currently opened from USB Drive.

2. Click Safely Remove Hardware Icon on the Task Bar or the System Tray as

shown in the following figure.

Installing/Using USB Drive in Windows ME/2000/XP