LG USB Drive User Manual

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- Do not disconnect the USB Drive from the computer’s USB port while

transferring (reading or writing) data. This will probably result in your data being


- Make sure that you follow the instructions given in this guide when using or

removing the product. Incorrect use of USB Drive may cause a malfunction of

the product and/or loss of your data.

- Be careful not to bend or twist the USB Drive. Do not place any heavy object

on the product.

- Please do not attempt to disassemble or modify the product.

It can cause malfunction of the product. There are no user serviceable parts

in the USB Drive.

- Do not use your USB Drive in any place exposed to the following conditions,

as it may cause a malfunction of the product : excessive vibration or shock;

wetness, moisture or dust; heat and/or high temperature variation; strong

electrical discharge; strong magnetic interference.

- Be careful that any foreign material does not enter the insertion holes of USB


LG Electronics Inc. assumes no responsibility for any corruption or loss of data
and accompanying results due to incorrect use of the product.