System failure or malfunction, Power cut or failure, System temperature protection – LG Network Attached Storage with built-in Blu-ray Rewriter N4B1 User Manual

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. LG NAS maintenance


System failure or malfunction

If the LG NAS encountering a problem after powering on is envisages, or after running
‘Self-diagnosis’ on the administrator web as stated above in section 7.4, Follow the
steps below.

① For technician’s reference, write down the error code appearing on the LCD

‘[SVC_CODE xx_yy] and make a record on tasks done before the accident and
messages you witnessed

② For error messages mentioned in ①, you can get help from LG electronics

Service Site if such errors were caused by negligence.

③ When no solution exists, do not disassemble and call the service center for

remote technical support.

Power cut or failure

When power failure occurs, the LG NAS will return to its former pre power-failure
state after reboot. In case of system malfunctions under normal environment,
observe the following procedure.
① If the system settings are modified, the user must perform a new set up after


② If the system is still acting strangely contact the service centre.

To prevent data loss, frequently back up files.
① Follow the above description for shutdown/restart.
② In the case that a potential shut down is expected, all files must be saved and

backed up. After the power is restored, reboot the system.

System temperature protection

If HDD temperature within the system exceeds 75 degrees Centigrade or 167 degrees
Fahrenheit, the system ends automatically and to protect hardware.