Disc image backup – LG Network Attached Storage with built-in Blu-ray Rewriter N4B1 User Manual

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. LG NAS Web Menu Use (for LG NAS administrators)

Disc Image Backup

The disc information from the Blu-ray Drive is stored on the LG NAS as an image
file (*.iso, *.cue, *.bin). For Data Discs, files with extension iso are created, and for
Audio and Video CDs, files with extensions cue and bin respectively are created.
For copy-protected discs, image saving is not possible.

① Place the disc in the Blu-ray Drive, and click the ‘Next’ button.

A “Blu-ray Drive is busy. Try again later” message appears to indicate that

loading is not yet completed. Try again after a short while.

② Set the destination folder to save date

③ Click on the ‘Backup’ button to start the task. At start up, a progress bar will