Volume – LG Network Attached Storage with built-in Blu-ray Rewriter N4B1 User Manual

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. LG NAS Web Menu Use (for LG NAS administrators)

④ SMTP Authentication: When sending mail, dependant on the mail server, login

may be required. In the case of own mail server, the SMTP Authentication must
be activated. (e.g. Smtp.Webmail SMTP servers such as yahoo.com perform
certification processes. Refer to the user webmail service help).

⑤ SMTP SSL Support: Some mail servers’ login information is encrypted and sent.

At this time the SMTP SSL Support must be activated. (e.g. Smtp.Webmail smtp
servers such as gmail.com perform certification processes. Refer to the user
webmail service help).

⑥ Subject: The information email subject can be specified or changed.
⑦ Recipient Mail Address: Input the mail receipt administrator’s address.
⑧ Notification Trigger: Set up the information concerning the periodic use of the

HDD. In the case of not wanting to receive message periodically, the option
may be disabled.

⑨ HDD Status sending time: The HDD use information mail out frequency can be

determined (daily/weekly/monthly).


This section describes information and functions of volume where the user stores data.
* The LG NAS uses hard disks separated in 3 areas; System, Swap and User.

- The System is where the LG NAS firmware is installed with 2GB of space allocated.

- Swap is a virtual memory area to compensate shortage of memory. 256MB are


- The user composes the LG NAS volume and the remaining space is allocated.

Total available space of the volume differs according to file system pattern and
RAID level.