Point on the map, Getting started with navigation – LG LN500 Series User Manual

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Getting started with navigation


The GPS bar is a toggle button that displays the
remaining travel distance and travel time, and
estimated time of arrival.

Point on the Map

You can navigate to any point by tapping its location
directly on the Main Map screen in both 2D and 3D
map view.
This feature is especially helpful when you want to
navigate to a specific point on the map, but you don’t
have the street address. When you tap on a point of
the main map, another map appears, displaying the
map, which is marked by a checkered flag.

This button lets you save a point on the map as a
favourite destination. This is helpful if you see a
location that you want to return to later.

This button lets you cancel the map point request
and returns you to the main map.

This button lets you calculate a route to the map

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