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Finding a location with navigation


POI (Points of Interest)

The POI list is a collection of hundreds of interesting
or useful places organized by easy-to-find categories.
For example, you can use the Navigator to guide you
to a shopping centre, hotel, restaurant, or gas

1. From the Navigations menu, tap the “POI” button.
2. The POI Popular Category screen appears, which

lets you quickly select from common points of

3. When selecting a category, the Navigator

automatically displays the category entries and the
distance each entry is from your current position.

4. Select your entry and tap or click the “OK” button

to display your selected destination on the map
and then tap on the “GO” button to calculate your

For a full POI list, tap the “More” button.

• You can find a category by tapping the “Hide/Show


button and entering text in the POI

Category field. The Smart Search System
automatically displays the POI categories that
match the characters entered.

• From the Item Entries Options screen, click the

“Sort by ABC” button to display the category entries
in alphabetical order.

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