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Page 42: Finding a location with navigation

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Finding a location with navigation


Route Summary

The “Route Summary” button lets you display an
overview of your complete route on the Map screen,
the total driving distance to your destination, the
estimated travel time, and the complete destination


You can specify that certain roads be permanently
excluded from your route calculations. Use this
feature when you want to avoid congested roads, toll
roads, or unsafe streets.

1. From the “Route Manager” menu, tap the

“Detour” button.

2. The Detour screen appears, displaying the detour

distance options to avoid a road event, such as an

3. Select the Detour option that you want and tap the

“OK” button to generate a detour for the distance
For example, if you are travelling on Highway A4
and you are alerted by the news that there is a
terrible traffic for the next 2 Km, you can calculate
a detour that takes you off the highway and then
returns you back to the highway after a distance of
2 Km.

Cancel Route

If you no longer need to travel to your destination or
if you want to change your destination.

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